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R A M A Y A N A   S E R I E S
Every episode and every character of Ramayana inspires and powers us to fight the evil that is outside and within us. When I draw these characters I draw them with an artistic mind and a devotional heart. I want my Ramayana characters to come alive and be present on the wall like an invisible form of energy, providing inspiration and power for peace and happiness in life.    - Anil Rawat
Hanuman samadhan shakti

Samadhan Shakti

gyan shakti ravan

Gyan Shakti

lanka dahan hanuman

Lanka Dahan

hanuman sita vatika

Shradha Shakti

surpnakha laxman lakshman

Minakshi Kamavalli Surpnakha

rama baan


param shakti hanuman ahiravan ahirawan

Param Shakti

rama rath


shiva aradhana rama dhanush

Shiv Araadhana

sita haran ravan jatayu sita

Sita Haran

sigareev baali rudhdha

Sugriv Bali Dwand

vishwas shakti hanuman mudrika ring

Vishwas Shakti

R A M A Y A N A   W A L L
In my opinion Ramayana is much more than a ‘victory of good over evil’. Ramayana is a story of relationship between the creator represented by Ram and the creation represented by Sita. Between these two fall other characters that represent various aspects of human beings. Their actions and consequences show us the right path in life. All these souls are incarnations of various gods, goddesses and sages. They came down to create the great Ramayana.  - Anil Rawat
ramayana wall all characters Sita: Creation
Surpnakha: Beauty, vanity, arrogance
Manthara: Jealous, wicked, conspiring
Kaikeyi: Ignorant, childlike, self destructive
Kumbhkaran: Gluttony, laziness, sinner
Jatayu: Valour, courage, sacrifice
Laxman: Duty, care, brotherhood
Ravan: Money, power, corruption
Maarich: Loyal, knowledgeable, smart
Meghnath: Warrior, dedicated, dutiful
Hanuman: Almighty, humble, devout
Ram: Creator

T H E    T R A J E C T O R Y    O F    M E D I T A T I N G    M I N D    S E R I E S

I feel, it is not true that the body has a soul. I believe that the soul has a body. The trapped soul once in a while without the knowledge of conscious mind, tries to disassociate itself from the body. Those are the moments when it crosses the limits of the body as well as itself to connect with the truth. The body is transported to the unknown space of soul and by realisation of its presence the soul is transported to the known space of body. This is the moment of truth for a meditating mind. My Meditation Series tries to capture that experience.  - Anil Rawat

meditation composition

Composition 20031

meditation composition

Composition 20032

meditation composition

Composition 20033

meditation composition

Composition 20034

meditation composition

Composition 20035

meditation composition

Composition 20036

meditation composition

Composition 20037

meditation composition

Composition 20038

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